We Are Stronger Than We Sometimes Think

Moms are Mighty

I write because it is therapy, sharing helpful information and experiences can save lives, time, money, headaches, it can be uplifting, and to let others know that being a mom can be tough at times, heck, being a woman can be tough at times because we have so much on our plates so to speak but God gave us a certain type of strength and tenacity that is unmatched and we can achieve anything that we put our minds to accomplish.

Being a good mother is still hot. Being a good woman to a man who really loves and makes you feel appreciated is still attractive. Being the best version of yourself may come with hardship sometimes but it is not unnoticed and will pay off in the end.

My story

Welcome to Mom Life Lessons w/GG

Simply put, I am a mother like many of you out there who is just living her life to the best of my life and trying, to the best of my ability with God’s help, to make it a better world one step at a time, one day at a time, for my children to live in. Along the way, it is nice to also celebrate joyful moments and be able to overcome hardship.

Everyday, we learn something whether we want to or not. Everyone of us can learn something from one another and at times, unexpected, we can learn from our children as well.

I am not just writing for mothers to be inspired. Single young women as well as young men and fathers are also encouraged to read my posts because we all need each other and are important. I am not a feminit; just a mom who refuses to be a trend follower. I believe in being humble but being confident and everything that I do because I know my worth. I hope you all find my posts relatable and in good spirits.

Discover Your Worth and The Power of Knowledge Through Experience

When we learn better, we can do better!