Taking Time For Self

Constantly On The Move Time sure does fly these days. One minute it’s morning and the next it’s almost time for some shut eye, right? Well, that’s the way it has been for me lately. I have so many pictures of the gardens, greenhouse, and green stalk planters but haven’t had time to post them [...]

DIY Wasp Spray

This little creature can cause a lot of harm Good morning everyone. Hope today is starting off for you all as beautiful as it starting for me. I wanted to share a quick old fashioned solution to something most of us who don’t live within city limits could probably use. It’s natural and very affordable [...]

Times Are Changing

Do You Remember The Times Does anyone remember when you could leave your door open for at least a few hours while you walked over to the neighbor’s house beside you and not worry about anyone trying to break in, steal from, or hurt you? Anyone remember when we didn’t have to literally watch our [...]

Oh My Kit-N-Kaboodles!

Cats, Cats, and More Cats! So, we have always had kittens and we knew that they were going to have babies. However, I didn’t know that the more they get pregnant, the more babies they can have! Our kittens are so smart and adorable. Each Have their own personality. There’s “Tiger” (because he is the [...]

The News Is Depressing

Good morning. Usually, I do like to talk about happy situations, things, or issues but today, I want to be honest about something. I am sure that by now almost ninety-nine percent of Americans are now completely stressed out or on their way to being completely exhausted with all of the sad, violent, depressing, demanding, [...]

Happy Mother’s Day To All Mothers!

https://open.spotify.com/track/4U2oHiCun5zNORNDQ07rMx?si=Jh7HUIGhTgaAltReCi8RtA&dl_branch=1 To All Mothers I just wanted to take out a little time to say Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers all over the world! Happy Mother’s Day! Today is our day. Today is primarily what my site is all about. We go through heartaches and pain, trials and tribulations, all types of stress including [...]