Being Satisfied

It is a necessity Hi everyone. I know it has been a while but I’ve been working on a number of projects, talking with a few influencers, promoters, and peers to better organize and reach my goal as a business woman. I will never lose my passion for sustainable living which includes, gardening, diy projects, [...]

Learning to Lean Back

Let the pieces fall where they may. Sometimes, when you love someone who doesn’t see you; who doesn’t realize that you’re just being there for them simply because you care so much, they can misunderstand your intentions, misconstrue your words, and blindly fight against it. In such cases, sometimes it is best to not force [...]

Garden Update I

So here is the thing, I absolutely love gardening.  I don't care how cold or hot it is, I am always going to grow something because I love to eat and I have gotten used to fresh ingredients lol. They just taste better. They're better to cook with, create with, and eat straight out of [...]