Times Are Changing

Do You Remember The Times Does anyone remember when you could leave your door open for at least a few hours while you walked over to the neighbor’s house beside you and not worry about anyone trying to break in, steal from, or hurt you? Anyone remember when we didn’t have to literally watch our [...]

The News Is Depressing

Good morning. Usually, I do like to talk about happy situations, things, or issues but today, I want to be honest about something. I am sure that by now almost ninety-nine percent of Americans are now completely stressed out or on their way to being completely exhausted with all of the sad, violent, depressing, demanding, [...]

Short and Simple

I asked my son how he was adapting to social distancing; being in the house and at home all of the time due to the pandemic. I know he misses school because he talks about it a lot and keeps asking me if I think that the pandemic will die down soon. To sound hopeful, [...]