Laughter Is Medicine

The Power of Comedians So, as I sit here watching a comedian from Tennessee by the name of Michael Jr., I am realizing that I have completely forgotten that I was mad or sad. It made me forget about all of the hard times that I had been going through, all of the pain from [...]

Happy Mother’s Day To All Mothers! To All Mothers I just wanted to take out a little time to say Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers all over the world! Happy Mother’s Day! Today is our day. Today is primarily what my site is all about. We go through heartaches and pain, trials and tribulations, all types of stress including [...]

Short and Simple

I asked my son how he was adapting to social distancing; being in the house and at home all of the time due to the pandemic. I know he misses school because he talks about it a lot and keeps asking me if I think that the pandemic will die down soon. To sound hopeful, [...]