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Being a Good Mother Means Learning Everyday

I looked back on everything that I have set out to accomplish, everything that I once held important and one day, I came to a profound conclusion. My children are my greatest accomplishment. Like anything else, it takes time, patience, and a lot of love to become the mother that we all would like to be but it is always worth it. Everyday I learn something new (literally) and that makes me feel good about myself. My life is not based on what others think of me, what trends that I follow, a collection of awards, or even what is going on in the world. It is based on the impact that I have on my children. I learn from everything around me and I process it all into something that can benefit me and family; otherwise, what am I really doing right?

So, here, I’ll be sharing my thoughts, experiences, and lessons learned from day to day as a mother and as a human being on this journey of life doing the best that I can to be the best version of myself with hopes that it will benefit others mothers and mothers-to-be all over the world. Moms, we really can do anything that we put out minds to do lol.